Information Systems Program

Dr. Bradley Watson, Program Chair

A tremendous need exists for technical experts in Information Systems Analytics and Project Management. These experts help organizations with the systematic analysis of data to solve business and real world projects and problems. Learning and utilizing skills across computing, statistics and business, graduates of this program find employment in practically every industry including technology, healthcare, insurance, banking & finance, telecommunications and consulting.

Students will be able to choose one of two pathways: Analytics or Project Management.

Foundational courses include database management, information systems architecture and technology, systems analysis and design, and introductory analytics.

Graduates of the Information Systems program will be able to:

Students in the Computer and Information Sciences Majors are expected to exceed the University's General Technology Requirements, and may be required to purchase hardware and/or software with capabilities greater than the standard technology requirements. There will be software requirements such as software development environments, operating systems, virtualization environments and tools, website development and business process documentation tools that will be used in various courses. Students should be prepared to invest in this software, and be able to install and uninstall it without assistance.

Students should check the Technology Requirements section of the Academic Bulletin and/or the Course Schedule for the requirements relevant for Computer and Information Sciences majors to ensure they have, and are familiar with, the requisite hardware and software. Courses with specific hardware and software requirements are detailed in the course syllabus under the "Required Materials" section.