index_img1.gif Transition Material for Transfer Students
Transfer into COMP 121 Transfer into COMP 311 Additional Resources
We provide the background resource material here for students who transfer into the Franklin programming sequence.
There are three critical topics you need to be familiar with in order to be successful in the Franklin programming sequence.
  • Test-driven development – writing test cases using Junit and approaching your design from a test-first strategy
  • Use of the BlueJ IDE in COMP 121 (Eclipse is used for COMP 311 and beyond, so if you are entering at COMP 311, ignore BlueJ.)
  • Use of the Web-CAT automated grading platform
The best use of this guide is to browse the contents when you first start and look at the materials so you know what is here. Make sure you cover the three topics above! Then as you need help, use this resource.
Welcome to Computer Science at Franklin. We wish you every success!