Web Development Program

Dr. Bradley Watson, Program Chair

Web Development is an innovative and interdisciplinary major. With the explosive growth of the Internet and electronic commerce, successful businesses are increasingly employing the Internet and related electronic commerce technologies. These business initiatives require graduates who understand current and future trends in electronic commerce and are prepared to manage the analysis, design, implementation, marketing and operation of web based systems.

Electronic commerce has expanded beyond its early roots in electronic funds transfer and data interchange to embrace the use of Internet technologies for such applications as Web-based retailing, electronic supply chain management, Web marketing, and Web publishing. The Web Development Major is designed to meet that demand. Students earning a Bachelor of Science Web Development will acquire Web development, marketing, graphic design and electronic commerce system skills as well as knowledge of the technology of databases, user interface design, networking and management information systems.

The major provides the background needed for a position as a Web master, Web programmer, Web developer or manager of E-Commerce. The major focuses on those technologies necessary to implement enterprise-level Web sites. Topics covered include Java software development, client/server programming, Web animation and Web applications development.

The Web Development Major is committed to the belief that curriculum must reflect both theory and actual professional experience. Full-time professors have held high-level positions in industry and adjunct faculty hold professional-level industry positions within the field. Strong ties to industry are an integral part of the Web Development Major. An Advisory Board, consisting of Web masters, Chief Technology Officers, Graphic Designers and Software Engineers, is dedicated to the Web Development Major. In addition to playing an integral role in the development of the curriculum, the Advisory Board meets on a regular basis to discuss and update the major.

Graduates of the Web Development program will be able to:

  1. Apply graphic design principles to produce effective designs for Web pages
  2. Apply technical knowledge to develop and implement effective solutions to real world problems
  3. Communicate appropriately for a range of purposes and audiences
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of generally accepted terms and concepts of the web development profession

Students in the Web Development Major may be required to purchase hardware and/or software with capabilities greater than the standard University technology requirements. There will be software requirements beyond the standard Microsoft Office software, such as software development environments and tools, that will be used in various courses. Students should check the Technology Requirements section of the Academic Bulletin and/or the Course Schedule for the requirements relevant to the Web Development Major to ensure they have, and are familiar with the requisite hardware and software. Specific software requirements are detailed in specific course syllabi under the "Required Materials" section in the University Bulletin.